Meet The All-New 2023 Sequoia At Stampede Toyota

A Stampede Toyota Blog By: Alec Lautermilch 


Welcome to Sequoia:

Inside and out, the 2023 Toyota Sequoia has been fully reimagined. Thoughtful design atop Toyota’s New Global Architecture provides drivers a full size SUV packed with capability, which adheres closely to the Toyota Truck brand language. In its two previous generations, Toyota Sequoia was a favorite among many drivers thanks to its fantastic capability paired with the legendary reliability that provides unrivaled peace of mind in all Toyota vehicles


All New Hybrid Powertrain:

After a 14 year run of the outgoing 5.7L iForce V8, the name iForce, now means something completely new. We first got to see the new iForce twin-turbo V6 in the 2022 Tundra, this new powertrain is able to outperform the V8 in all capacities including both power and efficiency. Taking things a step further, Toyota is proud to introduce the all-new iForce MAX hybrid powertrain. iForce MAX utilizes the same 3.5L twin turbo V6 as found in the standard iForce but it takes things to the next level by integrating a hybrid system. This system, much like many other Toyota hybrids, is able to seamlessly switch between combustion and electric power. This allows for increased efficiency as the brake force can be converted into usable energy to be used later and the electric system is able to take over some of the less efficient rev ranges. 


If we know anything about electric motors, it is that they can be wildly powerful and are able to produce all of their power at once unlike a gas engine which has a specified rev range in which it is most powerful. What this means is that the hybrid is able to utilize all of the benefits of electric drive while maintaining the convenience of traditional combustion. The 2023 Toyota Sequoia comes standard with the hybrid MAX powertrain as it is well known that the Sequoia customer is unwilling to settle for anything but the best. 


A Posh Interior:

The outgoing Sequoia was consistently outfitted with an extensive suite of luxury equipment, even at the end of its run, this vehicle was able to remain competitive with its rivals and was a favorite of many. In its redesigned state, Toyota engineers sought to continue this legacy while creating a well-rounded and modern vehicle capable of many things with comfort and cutting edge equipment at the front of mind. The centerpiece of the 2023 Sequoia’s interior is indubitably its 14in touch screen (ya, laptop size), this screen uses the latest of Toyota’s multimedia software and provides wireless connectivity for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There are several options as to interior finishings including semi-aniline premium leather in the top trims and the highly durable SofTex for the more rugged offerings. 


Performance Comes Standard:

Thanks to the new platform and engine, the Toyota Sequoia is more capable than ever before. Now able to tow over 9100lbs, it will seem as if the boat isn’t even attached and thanks to its solid-axle suspension, stability remains excellent even when cornering under load. At the boat ramp or up the driveway hill, Sequoia’s standard 4×4 system, paired with the instant torque of the electric motor makes for an exceedingly worryfree towing experience no matter the conditions. During winter, Sequoia is the epitome of safety and comfort, 4×4 keeps the vehicle planted to the road while Toyota Safety Sense constantly reads the road to provide assistance as needed. No matter the situations, the 2023 Sequoia is prepared to act with confidence. 


Wrapping Up:

Toyota has done a fantastic job of creating the perfect vehicle to handle the needs of our most discerning customers. Stampede Toyota has a team of experts on Sequoia both in terms of product knowledge and maintenance to keep your vehicle pristine. Visit our award winning dealership for all your automotive needs. 


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