Meet The All-New, 2023 Toyota Crown

A Stampede Toyota Blog By: Alec Lautermilch 


Produced in Japan as a flagship sedan since 1955, the Toyota Crown has arrived in North America for 2023. Crown has long been a name synonymous with Toyota’s flagship and we are pleased to now offer this to our guests.


Under the hood of the 2023 Toyota Crown, Toyota has installed an available new Hybrid Max powertrain providing a perfect balance of fuel efficiency and responsive acceleration. Not only does this new vehicle offer up to 345hp, it has an effective way of putting it down too, a standard AWD system sends the 400ft/lbs of torque where its needed most no matter the road conditions. Now, you may be thinking that Toyota hybrids are known for their fuel efficiency, is this only using the technology for power? Well, that could not be more untrue, despite the large presence of this car, a combined fuel economy rating of 5.7 l/100km is offered in certain configurations.

Driver Comfort:

The Toyota driver comes in with high expectations, as such this vehicle has been carefully created to meet every need. The interior of this vehicle leaves no question as to how it achieved its flagship status. Great care is put into the construction of this car and every seam and panel is quite reflective of this practice. Leather seating, a panoramic sunroof, and a highly modern yet intuitive touchscreen infotainment system are all waiting on the inside of the Crown.


No step was skipped in the development of safety equipment in the 2023 Toyota Crown, Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 comes standard and offers an inclusive suite of features including lane trace assist, frontal collision avoidance, and adaptive cruise control. No matter the roads, the Toyota Crown offers unprecedented peace of mind while carrying your most precious passengers.  

In Conclusion: 

As a flagship sedan, nothing was missed in the development of this car. High quality materials paired with a suite of cutting edge technology proves to be a winning combination. The 2023 Toyota Crown is a well rounded sedan suited just as well to a lengthy road trip as it is for the daily commute. Experience the 2023 Toyota Crown today with Stampede Toyota.