Pushing The Limits With Stampede Toyota, Toyota Crown and Toyota Crown Signia

Pushing The Limits With Stampede Toyota, Toyota Crown and Toyota Crown Signia

A Stampede Toyota Blog by: Alec Lautermilch 


Toyota has a long history of making some of the most reliable and innovative vehicles on the road. Whether this be the bombproof, 4Runner, the million mile Tundra, or the Prius which was electrified before such technology was so much as a thought in the eyes of other brands, Toyota has been on the leading edge of automotive technology. For the first time, in 2023, the Toyota Crown sedan was brought to the North American marketplace as an offering that took the legendary reliability of Toyota vehicles and paired this with a high-performance hybrid powertrain and luxury finishings suited for a king. 

Enter Signia:

In November of 2023, Toyota announced the all-new, 2025 Crown Signia, a crossover SUV which builds upon the history of the brand while taking up-market cues from the Crown sedan. This vehicle seeks to combine everything that owners love about Crown and the Toyota brand and put it all onto a practical and capable SUV platform


Remarkably beautiful and distinctively Toyota, this new model prioritizes the customer’s pride of ownership. Not too big, and not too small, this SUV is just as well suited to a comfortable commute as it is to a long distance road trip with guests in tow. Elevating its presence are 21in wheels while sharp bodylines and tasteful LED lighting tie the whole exterior together. 


Much like the Crown Sedan, the interior of this SUV is focused completely on passenger comfort, soft touch materials, leather seats that heat and cool, and the latest infotainment technology make for a blissful drive. Reaching beyond sedans though, much like other Toyota SUVs, this vehicle totes a practical cargo space perfect for dogs, several suitcases, skis, clubs or whatever else you may need to bring. Competing beyond the typical reach of the Toyota brand, the Crown lineup seeks to serve the discerning customer who values dependability but is unwilling to compromise on comfort. In this space, there are few offerings, a gap which Crown and Crown Signia seek to close. 


There are two performance features that would widely be agreed upon as the most sought after in today’s automotive marketplace; these are all-wheel-drive and hybrid-electric technology. On Crown Signia, much like its sedan counterpart, these features are standard. Yes, standard AWD and only available as a hybrid. The hybrid and hybrid MAX powertrains ensure a very smooth power delivery with performance far beyond what their combustion engines alone could provide. The all wheel drive system is there to ensure no matter the conditions, your comfort and confidence remain uncompromised. 


All in all, the Toyota Crown Signia is a model worth being excited for, with big performance and top tier luxury, this vehicle is sure to impress. As with any Toyota, Stampede Toyota is your one-stop-shop for Crown and Crown Signia and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Shop our New and Pre-Owned inventory to see all we have to offer or book your service today to show your pride and joy, some love.