Stampede Toyota’s Towing Guide

A Stampede Toyota Blog By: Alec Lautermilch 

Though the weather might not be perfect to take out the boat right now, we at Stampede Toyota know that your work schedule doesn’t slow down, no matter the season and that it is important to always be prepared. Below, we have compiled a list of our favorite Toyotas to tow with and their respective capacities!

Year: Model: Max Towing Capacity kg  Max Towing Capacity lbs
2024 Tundra  5,045  11,122
2024 Tundra Hybrid 5,067  11,171
2024 Sequoia Hybrid  4,137 9,121
2024 Land Cruiser  2,722  6,000
2023 Tacoma V6 2,948  6,500
2024 Tacoma 2,948 6,500
2024 4Runner 2,268 5,000
2024 Grand Highlander  2,268 5,000
2024 Grand Highlander Hybrid 1,588 3,500
2024 Highlander  2,268 5,000
2024 Highlander Hybrid 1,588 3,500
2024 Rav4 680 1,500
2024 Rav4 TRAIL 1,588 3,500
2024 Rav4 Hybrid 794 1,750
2024 Rav4 Prime (PHEV) 1,134 2,500
2024 Sienna Hybrid  1,585 3,494

*Please note that the listed capacities are maximum values and can vary by configuration. Information is correct as of the publishing date but is subject to change. Contact Stampede Toyota directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.*

Though necessary for many lifestyles and hobbies, towing adds a new set of variables to your drive. We at Stampede Toyota are proud to offer a wide selection of vehicles and equipment to make your towing experience stress-free. Young people moving cross-country, and seasoned professionals alike, need a vehicle that can safely take them and their cargo from A to B. Whether it be a powerful iForce Max-powered pickup or a well-rounded SUV, we offer a full-range lineup of vehicles well suited to your needs. 

When the time comes to change your vehicle, Stampede Toyota’s team of product experts are here to help you make the right choice and our service department is ready to ensure your vehicle is in great shape to tow with.