The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Has Landed At Stampede Toyota, Everything You Need To Know

 A Stampede Toyota Blog By: Alec Lautermilch

All New For The 2024 Tacoma:

As a ground-up redesign, there is a lot to talk about regarding what’s new. Join me as we break down all the changes of the new, 2024 Tacoma. The first notable change for 2024 is the use of Toyota’s TNGA-F (Toyota New Global Architecture, Truck Platform). This scalable, fully boxed-truck frame is shared with the Tacoma’s larger siblings including the Toyota Tundra and Sequoia, and provides far greater rigidity, safety, and handling than the outgoing open-c type ladder frame. Staying on the topic of chassis, the new Tacoma uses coil-sprung suspension all around, replacing the leaf springs that were previously used on the rear axle. Fear not though, the solid rear axle remains and contributes to greater articulation off the pavement and great long-term durability. 

Gone is the 3.5L V6 from the previous generation Tacoma, despite its bomb-proof dependability, this engine left something to be desired when it came down to efficiency and power. In its place, Toyota has installed a 2.4L turbocharged iForce engine. This new engine produces 278hp and 317lb/ft of torque in the automatic transmission variants with very close numbers to that for the manual shift. 

Replacing the 6-speed automatic from the outgoing Tacoma is a buttery-smooth 8-speed auto, allowing the truck to deliver power more effectively and efficiently. One competitive advantage that the outgoing Tacoma had over much of the competition was its optional, 6-speed manual-shift transmission. Many people, myself included, were fearful that this option would be gone with the next-generation, 2024 Tacoma as happened with so many of its peers. I am pleased to report that the standard transmission is very much available for 2024. 

As rugged as this truck is, we understand that for the vast majority of buyers, this will not be an off-road specific machine and will spend much of its time commuting in the city and on the highway. This is where one of the greatest improvements comes in, Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS 3.0). We have done deeper dives into this technology before which can be read here, but the basics of this system are that it serves as your co-pilot, every time you drive. This system includes a pre-collision system, lane departure alert, dynamic radar cruise control, lane tracing assist, road sign assist, automatic high beams, and proactive driving assist. All this to say that the Tacoma has your back, on and off the pavement. 

Understanding The 2024 Tacoma’s Trim Levels:

Toyota understands that the needs of the Canadian truck buyer are well, uniquely Canadian. It is because of this that Canada gets a unique set of trim levels that is distinct from those of the USA. The biggest difference between the Canadian and American offerings is that here in Canada, the 2024 Tacoma is available with standard 4X4. For those of you who have driven in the Canadian winter, this is pretty obvious as to why; our winter road conditions just demand a little more than a two-wheel-drive truck can offer. The second is that the Tacoma is available only in the crew-cab configuration as most Canadian buyers opt for this anyway, meaning that there will be a greater selection of desirable vehicles at our dealership. Join me as we break down the different trim levels and discover which one might suit you best:


This name might be familiar to the seasoned Toyota Truck fans out there. In fact, the name traces back to about 1976 when it was an acronym, standing for sport-rally-5-speed as at the time, the 5-speed was a pretty sporty thing to have. Today, SR5 serves as a trim designation for a well-rounded and affordable truck. Though this is the starting trim level here in Canada, don’t be confused into thinking that it is anywhere near base. 

The 2024 Tacoma SR5 comes with a host of features, including standard heated seats, standard 4×4, 17-inch alloy wheels, and the same 278hp engine seen across the model lineup. 

TRD Off-Road 6-Speed Manual:

One of the fears of Tacoma enthusiasts was that Toyota might go the way of the rest of the industry in discontinuing their manual transmission trucks. I am pleased to report that the 6-speed manual transmission is back and when paired with the TRD Off-Road trim, makes for a rugged and enjoyable off-roading beast. As in decades past, the optional manual-shift transmission actually comes in at a slightly lower MSRP than the automatic to further excite the enthusiast in all of us. I will dive a little deeper into all that the TRD Off-Road trim gets you in either its standard or automatic configuration below. 

TRD Off-Road 8-Speed Automatic:

For those who seek some adventure with their mid-size pickup, the 2024 Tacoma TRD Off-Road is sure to impress. This trim level became legendary on the previous generations of Tacoma and 4Runner and is back for more. If you are not a fan of the manual transmission, do not worry, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma is also available with an 8-speed automatic transmission, a vast improvement over the outgoing 6-speed auto. The advantage of the two additional gears is that the truck is able to spend more time operating in its ideal RPM range, optimizing both the performance and the efficiency of the Tacoma. 

TRD Off-Road Premium 8-Speed Automatic:

Sticking with the theme of an off-road catered truck, we land on another configuration of Tacoma, the TRD Off-Road Premium. This trim level keeps the capability of the other TRD Off-Road trucks while adding a host of comfort features including 8-way adjustable power seats, intuitive parking assist, and ventilated front seats. 

TRD Sport 6-Speed Manual:

If on-road performance is more what you’re after, there is a Tacoma for that too. The TRD Sport was a very popular choice in the outgoing Tacoma and is back in a few variants for 2024. This Tacoma has a specialty suspension system, tuned to handle with comfort and precision on the highway while boasting a nice suite of comfort features

TRD Sport 8-Speed Automatic:

The TRD Sport trim is available in both a manual and automatic configuration, much like the manual, the automatic version of this truck boasts incredible on-road capability while maintaining the well-rounded nature of the truck. Both transmission configurations exist to ensure that there is a Tacoma suited to you, no matter your needs or preferences. 

TRD Sport + 6-Speed Manual:

For the buyer who loves the features of the TRD Sport but demands a little more comfort from their truck, the TRD Sport Plus comes in with a host of additional equipment ensuring a comfortable and well-equipped truck. Some of this additional equipment includes: 

TRD Sport + 8-Speed Automatic:

As with the standard TRD Sport, the TRD Sport + (plus) is available with either the standard or automatic transmission. Just like the manual TRD Sport, this Tacoma provides optimal on-road performance along with the addition of some great comfort and utility features.

TRD Sport Premium 8-Speed Automatic:

TRD Sport Premium takes the comfort a step further while retaining its impressive on-road performance characteristics. Some of these added features include ventilated front seats, a 400-watt outlet in the bed, and dual-zone climate control. The TRD Sport Premium might just be the ultimate road trip machine. 

Trim/ Specification Breakdown:

Trim: Bed Length: Transmission: HP: Torque: Wheels:
SR5 Regular (6ft) Auto 8spd 278hp 317lb/ft 17in Alloy
TRD Off-Road Regular (6ft) Auto 8spd 278hp 317lb/ft 17in Alloy
TRD Off-Road Short (5ft) Manual 6spd 270hp 310lb/ft 17in Alloy
TRD Off-Road Premium  Short (5ft) Auto 8spd 278hp 317lb/ft 17in Alloy
TRD Sport  Regular (6ft) Auto 8spd 278hp 317lb/ft 18in Alloy
TRD Sport + Regular (6ft) Auto 8spd 278hp 317lb/ft 18in Alloy
TRD Sport + Short (5ft) Manual 6spd 270hp 310lb/ft 18in Alloy
TRD Sport Premium Regular (6ft) Auto 8spd 278hp 317lb/ft 18in Alloy

Hybrid Coming Soon:

Coming later this year will be a companion to the Tacoma that we are seeing today, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid. This truck will build upon the platform and design of the combustion Tacoma but will have a hybrid-electric powertrain. This truck will make 326hp and 465lb/ft of torque. These are big-truck numbers in a small footprint, with the torque outperforming the previous generation Tundra. The Tacoma Hybrid will be available with only the automatic transmission and Stampede Toyota is very excited to have these trucks inbound!

Key Takeaways:

The Toyota Tacoma is not new to leading this class, the Tacoma has always been a solid truck and the perfect companion for both work and play. The 2024 Tacoma builds upon the successes of its highly-regarded lineage while making several improvements to make this truck even better. The 2024 Tacoma is here at Stampede Toyota and we can’t wait to show it to you