What is Toyota’s TRD Series?

Short for ‘Toyota Racing Development,’ vehicles marked with Toyota’s TRD badging are specially tuned and equipped to provide next level performance in your vehicle. The same in-house racing division helping Toyota vehicles perform impressively in a variety of auto sports around the world since 1979, the TRD department is tasked with bringing that same level of ingenuity and high performance to your everyday driver. Read on to learn more about the TRD series models in our vehicle lineup, with Calgary’s very own Stampede Toyota.

What comes in Toyota’s TRD package?

Of course, each Toyota vehicle has its own unique needs when it comes to being fine-tuned, making every TRD package different. With that being said, there are three main grades of TRD packages available that tend to share common parts and upgrades in their quest for a common goal.


TRD Sport

The TRD Sport package provides a sleeker, sportier look to your Toyota vehicle. From hood scoops to fog lights, larger alloy wheels, a sport-tuned suspension, and TRD graphics (both inside and outside of your Toyota), a TRD Sport-equipped Toyota offers a more athletic aesthetic to your ride.


TRD Off-Road

Found on a variety of SUVs and pickups, the TRD Off-Road package adds to the capability and rugged appearance of your Toyota. An off-road tuned suspension system, Bilstein shocks, and advanced features like multi-terrain select and electronically-locking rear differential, among others, help these models perform as well off the road as they do on it. Appearance upgrades include wide-angle fog lights, special alloy wheels, TRD Off-Road graphics, and more.



At the very top of the pile you’ll find Toyota vehicles offering the TRD Pro package, consisting of premium off-road features, exterior upgrades, and high-end interior additions. Blending the rugged with the luxurious, TRD Pro-equipped models offer amenities such as a power moonroof, leather seating, leather shift knob, and a heritage-inspired Toyota grille, alongside skid plates, special suspension systems, Fox Internal Bypass coil-over springs, and more.


TRD Special Editions

Each year there is a limited selection of TRD Special Edition vehicles offering dynamic TRD styling and performance upgrades. For 2022, the Toyota Camry TRD adds a widebody kit to a lowered Camry, along with TRD dampers and chrome exhaust tips, for a more aggressive looking and performing version of Toyota’s flagship sedan.

What vehicles offer TRD trims?

Each year the lineup of TRD packages changes slightly, though you can usually find a TRD trim for the same cast of models year after year. Think vehicles already offering rugged, off-road capability, like the 4Runner or Tacoma. The following models are currently available for the 2021/2022 model years:

Package TRD Sport TRD Off-Road TRD Pro TRD Special Edition

TRD Accessories

You can still get in on the TRD action, even if you haven’t purchased a TRD model, thanks to a wide range of TRD accessories. From performance parts like air intakes, exhaust systems, and lowering springs, to TRD-branded alloy wheels, skid plates, and shift knobs, there are a variety of TRD parts and accessories you can purchase to dress up or add capability to your Toyota. Simply contact the Stampede Toyota parts department or look at our accessories page to find out what’s available for your specific Toyota model.

To learn more about any of the available TRD package-equipped Toyota models, any other model in our lineup, or any of the other services offered at our dealership—from vehicle maintenance, to financing, parts, and more—contact the team at Stampede Toyota today!