Why buy a used Toyota pickup truck?

older model Toyota TacomaWith microchip shortages leading to a major decrease in the amount of new vehicles available, alongside a huge influx of pre-owned vehicles being sold to dealerships across the country, buying a used vehicle has never been a more common route for customers to take. And while we believe that the new 2022 Toyota Tundra is one of the most complete pickups on the market today, we also think there is a lot of value in purchasing a used Toyota truck. Read on to learn more with Calgary’s source for all things automotive, from new Toyota vehicles to used vehicles spanning all makes and models: Stampede Toyota! Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should buy a used Toyota pickup.

  1. More Affordable

We might as well start with the biggest benefit of buying a pre-owned pickup truck from Stampede Toyota: they’re simply more affordable! While a new Tundra or Tacoma are worth every penny, it’s not always possible to afford a brand new vehicle. While the pre-owned trucks offered at our Calgary dealership come equipped with many of the top features available, the lower price makes it easier to fit into your budget.

  1. Depreciation

Anyone who’s ever considered buying a new vehicle has no doubt been told about depreciation—which can be as high as 50% within the first year or two of owning your new ride. This can continue on for about the first 5 years of a truck’s life, but after those 5 years the vehicle will depreciate at a much slower rate. Basically, by buying an older vehicle you’re paying much closer to the vehicle’s current value. That means if you decide to sell it, you’re more likely to get back a higher percentage of what you paid than when buying and selling a new truck. 

  1. Excellent Durability

Pickup trucks are built to take a beating, whether you’re looking at a rugged and off road-ready Tacoma or a full-size jobsite warrior like the Tundra. Built tough and built to last, you can trust in the durability of a pre-owned pickup truck better than that of an SUV or sedan. When you combine the fact that it’s still operating at a high level, for a lower price with less depreciation, a pre-owned pickup truck offers truly exceptional value.

  1. Standard Features & Equipment

Driver assistance and safety features, along with touchscreen infotainment systems, are as advanced as they’ve ever been. With that being said, a great many new features come as optional equipment on new pickup trucks, or at the very least they only come standard on the highest trim levels. When purchasing a pre-owned truck, it may lack some of the most recent technology but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with high-quality interior details or features. In fact, you might be able to find a higher trim level with more equipment in a used truck for less than you would a new pickup in the base trim. 

  1. More Choice

Major inventory shortages have cut across the automotive industry, with no manufacturer able to keep up with the demand for new vehicles. As such, it can be difficult to get your hands on a new vehicle–especially if you’re after a specific trim. However, since we stock a huge variety of vehicles spanning all makes and models, you’ll have a ton of options to choose from when searching for a used pickup truck. 

While we certainly believe in the durability, reliability, and value offered by the entire lineup of new Toyota models—especially the Tundra and Tacoma—there are a variety of reasons why a pre-owned vehicle might be the right choice for you. Explore both our new and pre-owned inventories to find your next new vehicle from Calgary’s Stampede Toyota!