Connected Services

Connected Services by Toyota

Connected Services by Toyota offers an advanced suite of smart technologies designed to make
your Toyota ownership simpler, safer and more convenient.



Toyota App is a smartphone app that connects you to everything Connected Services by Toyota has to offer. Everything you need at the touch of a screen, just download the Toyota App to experience your available Connected Services.

The Toyota App allows you to

  • Use Remote Connect and Service Connect (if equipped)
  • Manage alerts & reports
  • Manage your profile
  • Set us as your preferred dealer (Stampede Toyota)


Control a series of vehicle functions from the palm of your hand. Not sure if you locked the doors? No problem. Want to see how a guest driver is doing behind the wheel of your vehicle? Again, no problem. All of these features and more can be accessed and customized in the Toyota App.

Engine Start/Stop

Make the cold Canadian winters a little more enjoyable with the ability to warm up your vehicle before you even get in. Start or stop your engine from a distance with Toyota App. (Automatic Transmission only)

Door Lock/Unlock

Have peace of mind knowing that you can lock and unlock your doors from a distance, perfect for days when you can’t remember their status or need the doors open for those closer to the vehicle than you.

Status of Windows

Calgary is known for its unpredictable weather, enjoy the convenience of knowing the status of your windows and moonroof from the Toyota App, to ensure your car is protected from the weather.

Last Parked Location

Perfect for leaving the Saddledome on game night, this feature allows you to quickly and easily find your vehicle when you can’t recall exactly where you parked.

Guest Driver Settings

Have secondary drivers at home? Set conditions for other drivers such as, maximum speed, maximum kilometres, distance from a set location and more. If any of these conditions are violated you will be notified.

Home to Vehicle

Access all of these app features from your Amazon Alexa using Toyota Skill or Google Assistant using Toyota Action from the comfort of your home. You can lock/unlock doors, check fuel levels, start the vehicle and more.

Smartwatch Compatibility

Phone is out of reach? No worries. Paired compatible Apple Watches or Android Wear devices can perform the same features. Connect the Toyota App to your smartwatch to enjoy engine start/stop and door unlock/lock.

RAV4 Prime

The 2021 RAV4 Prime is equipped with new and unique features including Remote Climate Start, Charge Management and Charging Station Map.


Simply plug your iPhone 5 or newer into your Toyota’s USB port and any CarPlay compatible features will appear on the touchscreen. You can then navigate those features using the steering wheel controls or with Siri. Personalize your experience by rearranging how the apps appear on the vehicle’s screen by adjusting the settings on your iPhone.  

carplay small

CarPlay lets you access and use apps as you would on your phone, all while staying focused on the road ahead. CarPlay allows you to:

  • Make phone calls
  • Compose text messages
  • Listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks
  • Find the best route

Siri allows you to navigate the CarPlay interface using voice commands to ensure your focus is kept on the road. Using voice commands only, you can place or receive phone calls, create text messages and ask for directions, without taking your hands off the wheel.


Designed to minimize distraction, Android Auto features a simplified interface with larger touch points and easy to use voice actions via Google Assistant.

Android Auto lets you access and use apps as you would on your phone, all while staying focused on the road ahead. Android Auto provides access to:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Assistant
  • And more compatible apps. Click to see list co/androidauto

Google Assistant helps you navigate your compatible apps through voice commands, to help you with your day and help keep your eyes on the road.



Enjoy ad-free music, artist dictated channels, sports, comedy, news and talk with your 3 month All Access Trial of Sirius XM radio, included in Toyota Connected Services. This service extends past the vehicle, for you to enjoy on your phone, online and at home.



Enjoy 24/7 access to a live agent that can help you locate places to go and things to do in your new Toyota. Receive directions for a new restaurant, hotel or local point of interest sent directly to your navigation system.


Should you encounter trouble on the road, rest assured that safety connect is ready to help at just the push of a button. From a flat tire to an emergency situation, a live 24/7 response center agent will send assistance as soon as possible.  

Emergency & Roadside Assistance

Using the SOS button, you can have emergency assistance and roadside assistance sent directly to your vehicle’s location.

Automatic Collision Notification

Should a severe accident take place where the airbag deploys, a call will be automatically placed to one of our 24/7 agents. The agent will then assess the situation with you but if you are unable to respond, the agent will contact emergency services right away and stay on the line with authorities until they arrive.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Should your vehicle ever get stolen, the Stolen Vehicle Locator feature can work with local authorities to help with its recovery, as long as you have filed a police report and have the police report number.  Contact the 24/7 Toyota Customer Interaction Center at 1-888-869-6828 and our agents will use GPS and cellular tech to help local authorities find your vehicle.


Maintaining your Toyota has never been easier. Get monthly vehicle health reports to ensure all aspects of the vehicle are running smoothly. Should a warning light appear, a notification will be sent directly to your Toyota App and will be listed on your month’s vehicle health report.


Apps, services and subscription terms vary depending on vehicle, model and multimedia display. Toyota’s wide range of available vehicle packages makes it easier for you to choose the vehicle that best suits your life, desired degree of connectivity and enhanced peace of mind.

To learn more about Toyota Connected Services and the rest of the technology available to you through our wide range of models, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As Calgary’s flagship Toyota dealership, we are always here to lend a hand and cover all of your Toyota needs.