How to Adjust and Set the Power Liftgate of Toyota Vehicles

How to Adjust and Set the Power Liftgate of

Toyota Vehicles

Have you recently bought a new Toyota vehicle with a power tailgate? You might be wondering how you can adjust and reset it. It’s important to know about the way your vehicle functions to ensure full use and enjoyment of the model. Here is a how-to guide that goes through how to do it, step by step.

How to Use the Toyota Power Liftgate:

  1. Opening or closing the liftgate can be accessed by pressing the trunk button located next to the steering wheel.
  2. When the gate starts moving, press the button for a second time to stop it. This feature lets you have several liftgate heights for whatever you need it for.
  3. To close the liftgate, press the button again.
  4. Another option is to use the button on the liftgate itself. Open the liftgate (while outside of the vehicle) then press the button found at the bottom of the liftgate. This button stops the gate at various heights. Press the button again to make the gate go back to being totally opened.
  5. You can use the button on the key fob, use the handle, and use the button on the liftgate to close the gate entirely.

How to Adjust and Reset Toyota Power Liftgate:

  1. To adjust your preferred height for the liftgate, make sure your vehicle is turned off, then go to the back of your automobile.
  2. Move the gate to the desired height by moving it up or down.
  3. When you have decided on your preferred height, press and hold the power lift button until you hear four beeps
  4. The power liftgate height is now set.

If you would like to set your liftgate height from your vehicle dash, have a look at the video tutorial below.

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If you need help learning how to adjust and set the power liftgate, a Stampede Toyota product advisor is available to help. Call today (403) 291-2111 and arrange a day and time to go over your automobile’s technology. We are always willing to help with your vehicle needs.

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