Larry Romstedt

Larry Romstedt

I cannot find enough kind adjectives to describe the staff at Stampede Toyota, they are that exemplary. My initial intent was to get some additional information and pricing on a Tacoma, I was shopping and comparing it to another truck. I was upfront on my purpose with Leo, the sales person and explained what I was looking for. Leo very knowledgeable, attentive and genuinely eager to assist in my inquiry. I ended up purchasing a vehicle that same evening and it was all due to the service that each person in the purchasing process provided.

This is the first time I have walked into an auto dealership and not felt pressured, cajoled, badgered into purchasing a vehicle. It was THE nicest experience of all my vehicle purchase exploits.

Even after the purchase I had some questions, they were all answered promptly and professionally which further enhanced the overall experience.

Whenever I walk into the dealership, everyone I have dealt with remember who I am and seem genuinely interested, I am not just a “number”.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stampede Toyota and wish to say THANK YOU!