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Four-Wheel Alignment in Calgary

Most vehicles are either front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Every car, truck, and SUV need to have the camber, caster, and toe of their wheels aligned from time to time. When you have your wheels aligned, it’s always best to have all of them aligned. But, wherever the power is coming from, the front or back wheels, is the most important place to provide alignment service if you’re only going to align either the front or back, depending on where the power is coming from. However, with an AWD vehicle, it’s very important to have all of the wheels aligned every time.

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Why All-Wheel Alignment Is Critical on AWD Vehicles

With an ordinary vehicle, alignment is important for better gas mileage and to reduce wear and tear on the entire vehicle. If the power is coming from the rear wheels, for example, poor alignment in the rear wheels will throw your steering off center more than poor alignment in the front. With AWD vehicles, the effects of bad alignment will be even more pronounced than they would be under two-wheel drive.

What Happens When a Vehicle Is Out of Alignment

You’ve probably had the experience of driving a car that would pull to one side of the road if you let the wheel go while driving down the highway. When this happens, you have to fight against it. Even if it doesn’t feel like a fight, you are causing conflicting mechanical forces to work against each other. This reduces your fuel efficiency and will cause your car or truck to need more serious repairs later on. If, say, your front wheels were misaligned by 0.01% of a degree, you would notice a slight pull to one side over a distance on a straight road. If your vehicle is a front-wheel drive, the effect would be slightly more pronounced. So it’s easy to see how a vehicle that has AWD would suffer much more from poor alignment.

Why Have Your AWD Vehicle Serviced at Stampede Toyota

Here at Stampede Toyota in Calgary and near Chestermere, Airdrie, and Okotoks, our professionally trained, certified and experienced automotive technicians understand the importance of proper alignment and are experts at giving all types of drive trains proper camber, caster, and toe alignment. You’ll notice the difference when your vehicle stops pulling to one side, and you’ll notice the difference at the pump. To learn more about the importance of AWD alignment, and schedule your alignment service and checkup, stop by, or find us online today and schedule an appointment.

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