Transmission Replacement Service

Transmission Replacement Service

Toyota Transmission Replacement in Calgary

As a Toyota dealership committed to automotive service excellence, we operate a Toyota certified service department in Calgary with the certified technicians required to provide the highest quality transmission replacement service. We use a crew team strategy for this service that not only guarantees two sets of highly skilled eyes perform this challenging service, but also gets you back on the road with a brand new transmission as quickly as possible. If your Toyota ever needs a new transmission, we invite you to get the quality care that it deserves from us at Stampede Toyota.

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What Are the Warning Signs of a Blown Transmission?

A blown transmission is one that is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Although knowing if the transmission is blown requires an inspection by a trained professional like our certified technicians, it is important to know the signs of a faulty transmission and get prompt service in response to any of these:

  • Problems shifting gears
  • Strange noises such as clunking, whining, or grinding when shifting gears
  • Transmission overheating – often with a dashboard warning light
  • Extreme heat inside the cabin

Transmission Inspections

Is there anyone more qualified to inspect your transmission system than our certified technicians that know it inside and out? If you experience any of the symptoms of a blown transmission, we invite you to Stampede Toyota of Calgary for an inspection. One of our highly skilled technicians that know Toyota transmissions best will check to see if it needs replacement.

How to Determine When Damages Require Replacement?

We begin this assessment with an inspection that isolates the problem. We then apply a basic financial calculation whereby we assess the cost of repairs versus the cost of replacement with the best alternative being the one that provides the best value. As the cost of transmission repairs approach the cost of a total replacement, the economics of the situation reveals that there is more value in replacement as this provides a brand new transmission of the highest quality.

Transmission Replacement Service at Stampede Toyota

Transmission replacements feature a crew team of certified technicians working within a state-of-the-art facility with the high-tech equipment needed for this challenging and labor-intensive service. We remove the blown transmission, inspect all components throughout the engine bay and undercarriage, and install a brand new transmission to factory specifications using genuine OEM parts.

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