Winter Tires for Sale

Toyota Winter Tires for Sale

Why Having Winter Tires Is Important

Your car needs to have sufficient tires for the weather to make it through those long winter months. The ones you drive for the rest of the year do not always have what it takes to keep you safe on a slick road. The winter tires for sale at the Stampede Toyota Tire Department will keep you on the road until the weather in Calgary warms up. We want you to understand the importance of having just the right tires.

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Treads That Tackle Snow

Your regular car tires aren't equipped to deal with snow and ice. But when you have winter tires on your car, you can rest easy knowing they have specially designed tread patterns. These patterns are created with snow in mind, and their rubber compound is softer than what you would normally have. The soft texture of the tires means that they won't become hard over the winter months. It also means that even if the outdoor temperature is less than 7 degrees Celsius the rubber can withstand the cold. Tires not created for the winter have rubber that loses its pliability due to the drop in temperature. Tires that are created for it don't have this problem. In addition to being able to handle the cold, having winter tires means that your handling when driving on snow will be much more similar to regular driving conditions. However, it is important to note that you'll want to store those tires until next year, rather than driving on them all year long once the winter is over.

Compatible With All Cars

There was a time when winter tires were only recommended if you have a rear-wheel-drive car. But in today's world, all-wheel and front-wheel-drive cars are often equipped with them too. No matter what you drive, turning and stopping your car is always easier to do when road conditions are wet and slippery if you have the best possible tires for the season. This cuts down on the likelihood of being involved in a car accident.

Some people are under the impression that four-wheel drive cars don't need winter tires. They falsely believe that features like anti-lock brakes, and even electronic stability control, were acceptable substitutes for winter tires. However, this is not true, as winter tires make your driving experience much safer than it would be otherwise.

Purchase Winter Tires for Sale at Stampede Toyota

When the time comes for you to purchase tires to get you through a typical Calgary winter, be sure to stop by Stampede Toyota's tire centre. We will answer all of your questions and help you choose which tires are the best purchase you can make for your car. In no time, you will be prepared for the long winter months.

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