Tacoma TRD Lift Kit


IT’S HERE… The all-new TRD Lift Kit for the Toyota Tacoma. 

ONLY $3,489.50 (price includes installation)
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 On qualifying models, the package offers up to a 2-inch front and 1-inch rear lift. The best part is that this package was developed and tested by TRD engineers, and it's the only lift kit that's been certified to operate with Toyota's Safety Sense (TSS) system.

The lift package raises the ground clearance of the frame by 1.7 inches. The approach angle (+3.1 to 32 degrees), breakover angle (+1.6 to 23 degrees), and departure angle (+0.5 to 24 degrees) are all improved with the package.

Kit 1


Key Features

  • Only Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) Compliant Lift Kit in the market for DIO installation
  • Includes unique Heritage TOYOTA grille with blacked out logo
  • Turnkey lift kit that requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle
  • Suspension developed and tuned by TRD engineers to meet TRD enthusiast customer off road ride and handling expectations
  • TRD Monotube shocks co-developed with Bilstein (TRD PRO Tacoma has Fox Shocks)
  • Shock diameter, piston diameter and rod diameter all increase
  • Bespoke TRD Cast Iron Rear Leaf Spring Spacer designed to withstand aggressive off-road usage
  • Improved approach angle, breakover angles, and departure angles compared to baseline vehicle
  • Meets Toyota Genuine Accessory quality, durability, and reliability standards
  • Covered under Toyota warranty


Access Cab Double Cab
SR (automatic)SR5 (automatic)

TRD Off Road (manual)

TRD Off Road (automatic)


Trail (automatic)TRD Off Road (automatic)

TRD Sport Premium (manual)

TRD Off Road Premium (automatic)

Nightshade (automatic)