Toyota 24,000 Kilometre Service

Toyota 24,000 Kilometre Service

Bring Your Vehicle to Stampede Toyota in Calgary for 24,000-Kilometre Service

Regularly scheduled maintenance is the backbone of all automotive services. When you bring your vehicle in for maintenance at the recommended intervals, you will end up avoiding many more expensive repairs down the road. And when you’re looking for quality service, Stampede Toyota is the perfect place to go. We may be a Toyota dealership, but our service centre is proud to provide maintenance to all makes and models of automobiles. Take our 24,000-kilometre service, for example. It may be what Toyota recommends for 24,000-kilometre intervals, but these services are important for other vehicles, as well. Find out more about what this service entails below, and then take the drive from Okotoks or Airdrie to Stampede Toyota.

Tire Rotation and Inspection

Tire rotations are some of the most common services that you should have performed on your vehicle. Since tires don’t all wear down evenly, having the positions of the tires rotated is the best way to ensure that the front pair of tires don’t wear out before the rear pair. Toyota recommends that this service be performed every 8,000 kilometres, so it forms part of our 24,000-kilometre service. In addition to rotating your tires, our technicians will also inspect the tread depth and the pressure. If the tires have too much or too little air, they’ll refill them to the proper levels. And if the tread is too low, our technicians will let you know so that you can choose a new set of tires from our parts store.

Brake System Inspection

Since the brakes are some of the most important safety features in your vehicle, Toyota recommends inspecting the brake system every 8,000 kilometres. When we perform this as part of our 24,000-kilometre service, we will make sure that the entire brake system is in good condition, from the brake pad linings to the brake fluid level.

Fluid Levels Inspection

Brake fluid isn’t the only fluid that our technicians will check. They’ll also inspect the levels of various other fluids throughout your vehicle, from oil to coolant to power steering fluid.

Suspension Inspection

Over time, various shocks and jolts that come from daily driving can damage your vehicle’s suspension system. During our 24,000-kilometre service, we will also inspect your vehicle’s suspension to make sure it’s in good condition.

Windshield Wiper Blade Inspection

The windshield wiper blades may be easy to overlook. That is until you’re caught in a storm and they leave streaks and smears across your windshield. For our 24,000-kilometre service, our technicians will make sure that your wiper blades are in good condition.

External Light Inspection

The external lights are also a key part of your vehicle’s visibility. Our technicians will make sure no bulbs are burned out, replacing them as necessary. If the headlight lenses are cloudy or fogged, they will recommend fixing or replacing them.

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